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I Have to Learn to Speak My Mind More

I totally suck at doing anything consistently, and I am sorry for that. I think I might mostly be apologizing to myself unless there is someone out there who’s actually read anything I have done and has been dying for me to make an addition to this thing. If you are out there, sorry I am a piece of shit.

Anyway, as I have said in the past, I want to try to start updating more frequently here. I think my problem, other than being self-destructive with my inconsistency and my ironically all too consistent procrastination, is that I have a tendency to be passive aggressive and throw a lot of shade. And in the interest of self-preservation, I tend to stay away from incriminating behavior. However, it might be time to get over that. I mean, what are the chances that the people I reference are actually aware of my shitty blog? I have watched enough TV to know that this is a dramatic irony trigger, and even though I know better, I am still going to go for it.

I am walking the line between wanting people to like me and not giving a shit about what others think. I couldn’t care less about random shitty strangers on the internet not liking me, but for the people physically present in my life, it is important for me to save face. I am not a very confrontational person so I would prefer everything stay hunky dory and not make waves. On the other hand, if I have something to say, I should be able to say it. This is American goddamnit. I am sure I will find a good balance of speaking my mind without going overboard. And if anyone in my life gets upset that I have opinions, there’s the door, Broham. Don’t let it hit your butt hurt ass on the way out.

Andreya out.

*wired mic drop*

*drags wired mic behind me as I exit*


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