Valentine’s Day

Every year on the days leading up to February 14, stores bombard us with heart-shaped mylar balloons, giant stuffed animals, and unnecessarily large Russell Stover boxes of diabetes in the form of ill-filled chocolates (who even likes most of them, really? I mean you’ve got your plains and your nougats, sure, but weird fruit filled ones? And don’t get me started on coconut). Now I’ll admit that diabetes comment might have been a little extra. Chocolates are great in moderation. Who doesn’t love chocolate? But I’d like put on the record that I have never had an official Valentine before. This has been a lost holiday on me so far, but I can appreciate the sentiment

This holiday brings a few different points of views and feelings. Some are bitter. I recall one year I was hella bitter for no reason other the fact that I was single. I didn’t even realize the extent of my bitterness until I walked into Vons. The pink and red decorations slapped me in the face and I had the most stank facial expression and a huge underlying resentment of the entire ordeal. That was new, and I felt like a huge cliché: the bitter, chronically single woman whom people avoid because she is so annoyingly, unhappily, well, single; think Jessica Biel in the movie Valentine’s Day.

For others, it is day to celebrate romance and love. It’s a day to get engaged. It’s for grand romantic gestures that are lost on the regular day to day. And if you’re spending V- Day with the love of your life, and you’re on a whirlwind high of grand gestured true love, more power to you. I envy you and wish myself and others who don’t have that experience, the same joy you are feeling on this day. And even if you are spending it on a lighter, more low-key note because it’s a Tuesday and you work, that is cool too as long as you’re happy.

My point, if I have one, is if you are single and bitter, there is no reason to alienate yourself on this random day of the year. If you are feeling down, don’t; because in 24 hours, it will be over and we will back to our normal lives. Celebrate while you have the chance. Buy yourself a giant stuffed animal and an unnecessarily large box of chocolates. Buy a vibrator or two (or three) if you’re feeling late-night lonely; Adam and Eve has great deals all the time and there are a few 50% off/free shipping coupon codes floating around in the abyss – treat yo’self, Boo. Don’t feel down if you don’t have to. Life is about being happy and if you are letting a little holiday ruin your day, you are not living your best life.

In my opinion, we need an excuse for some extra love in the air, whether it be from you to a significant other, you to your friends, you to your family, or even you to yourself. Spread that love. Happy Valentine’s Day to all of you and I hope you the best today and all days after.


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