Body Postitivity

Having Fat is Literally Not Even the End of the World

For once I would like to see someone on The Biggest Loser who isn’t broken or beaten by being fat. I started watching again in an attempt to find my fire and continue on my weight loss journey. I don’t remember how I reacted to people’s stories before, or if they have just been different in the past, but their crying and weeping about how being fat is ruining their lives annoys me now.

I mean, I am in the same boat. I know it is hard. I am on a hard journey myself, but I am trying. Ok…I’m half trying, but I’m also not crying about it. In theory, it isn’t hard. Just like they explain to you on TBL, calories in – calories out. Calorie deficits, moderation, hydration, and some exercise: it’s a formula, that if followed correctly and without any other outliers (i.e. Special health conditions, etc), anyone can do.

An acquaintance that has gained a lot of weight since graduation complains that she wants to lose it. I asked a friend if she was trying, and she said no. As a person with a slight I-know-best-and-everyone-should-listen-to-me mentality, people should not complain about being fat if they are making no effort to change their situation. There’s no point to it. It doesn’t change anything and it makes people not like you.

1. Being fat is not the worst thing you could be. You could be a person who draws dicks on their friends’ face while they’re sleeping. You could be someone who judges people on the way they look. You could be a serial killer or an axe murderer. You can be someone who is mean to animals. You just have a little energy reserve going on in ya adipose tissue, chill.

2. HAVING fat is not the worst thing in the world. I am going to correct myself right now. You have fat. You aren’t fat. Fat is not a thing that you are. It is a thing that you have. Again, You have fat. You are not fat.

3. If all you have to offer the world is how you look, then you have some serious underlying issues. Being fat is not all you are. Focus your attention on something else — your family, friends, a hobby, volunteering. ANYTHING.

4. No one cares that you are fat. Only you care. Change it, actually try changing it, or get over it.

5. Shut up, love yourself, and live your life.

In conclusion, I am a broken record, and I am going to continue being a broken record because shit is annoying. If I can change at least one person’s view of themselves and help someone find self love, then all the repetition of what I am saying will be worth it. Work on changing your perception of yourself. Take baby steps. You can do it. I believe in you, and you should, too.


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