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I Have to Learn to Speak My Mind More

I totally suck at doing anything consistently, and I am sorry for that. I think I might mostly be apologizing to myself unless there is someone out there who's actually read anything I have done and has been dying for me to make an addition to this thing. If you are out there, sorry I… Continue reading I Have to Learn to Speak My Mind More

Body Postitivity

Scales are Dumb and Numbers are Imaginary!!

Hi y’all. Your body is great. You are the best in the world at being yourself. Today I am going to be talking about scales numbers and the feelings that go along with them. A video went live on my channel yesterday dealing with this topic. If you would rather watch than read, more power… Continue reading Scales are Dumb and Numbers are Imaginary!!


Valentine’s Day

Every year on the days leading up to February 14, stores bombard us with heart-shaped mylar balloons, giant stuffed animals, and unnecessarily large Russell Stover boxes of diabetes in the form of ill-filled chocolates (who even likes most of them, really? I mean you’ve got your plains and your nougats, sure, but weird fruit filled… Continue reading Valentine’s Day

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Stop. Just stop it. I don't want to see it. No one wants to see it. When you randomly open the lines of communication with a casual picture of your penis, you are saying two things. I don't care about your feelings or what you want. I am only in this to get nudes from… Continue reading #StopSendingMeYourDick2017

Body Postitivity

Having Fat is Literally Not Even the End of the World

For once I would like to see someone on The Biggest Loser who isn't broken or beaten by being fat. I started watching again in an attempt to find my fire and continue on my weight loss journey. I don't remember how I reacted to people's stories before, or if they have just been different… Continue reading Having Fat is Literally Not Even the End of the World